Introducing Beautytips Field Help

In Drupal, you have the possibility, for each field that you create, to specify a help text that will help users to fill in that specific field. Unfortunately, this help text is displayed below the field, making the form longer and longer, especially if you write lots of instructions. What I needed was a way to display this text in some kind of tooltip.

After searching for a long time on for some magic module that would do this for me, I came to the conclusion that none of them did exactly what I wanted:

  • Label Help simply puts the text on top of the field instead of at the bottom
  • Field Tooltips adds a specific "Tooltip" text area on each field, which was not really what I wanted
  • Beautytips is very close to do what I want, but only provides tooltips for text inputs

Therefore, I decided to create my own module, based on Beautytips. The result is Beautytips Field Help, which, once activated, simply adds a question mark icon at the end of every field label and displays the help text corresponding to the field in a tooltip, which you can configure with the Beautytips module.