New website for the Alkarama Foundation

The Alkarama Foundation was running 3 websites, based on an outdated version of Joomla. The difference between these 3 websites ? Only the language: one website for English content, another one for French and a third one for Arabic. These 3 websites were not linked together and finding the translation of an article required browsing to another website and manually searching for the article.

GVJ Web Consulting was hired in 2016 to migrate the content of these 3 different websites to a single multilingual Drupal 8 website, providing a much cleaner organization for content but also a much easier editorial workflow. The new site was launched at the end of 2016, after migrating the content of the 3 Joomla databases to a single Drupal 8 database, while automatically matching the article translations. A redesign of the site and logo was also applied.

The result is a single, consistent platform running on the latest version of the Drupal CMS, which consisted in a big step forward for the Alkarama Foundation.