Majestic Real Estate

Majestic Immobilier nouveau site web

Unity is strength: here is the motto that would probably best describe the new web strategy of the Majestic Real Estate group, a network of real estate agencies in Haute-Savoie since 1987.

When Majestic contacted us, they were proposing to their customers a different website for each agency of their network, making the research of a piece of real estate quite difficult. Some of these websites also gave the impression of being abandoned, with some empty pages giving a bad impression to the customers. Each agency was managing its own website, with all of the complications this can imply.

After an audit of the current websites, we offered Majestic to change their strategy, and to go for a single webiste, where all of the real estate properties would be shown. Each agency would obviously have its own page along with their contact information, but the properties would be visible in one single place, making it easier for customers to find them.

The result is a website with a much better design, search functionalities easier to use, and which gives a much more professional vision of the Majestic group. The metatags have been improved for search engine optimization, and the web strategy will be refined in the near future, improving the integration with social networks.

On the technical side, Drupal 8 was used, along with the Organic Groups module, to allow each real estate agent to add or modify properties of his or her own agency, without being able to touch properties from other agencies. A gateway with the Pericles software (a software to manage the properties of real estate agencies) was developed, so that the agencies using this software could see the properties on the new website without having to reenter them manually.

Hosting, maintenance and support of the website are now handled entirely by GVJ Web Consulting, which allows the Majestic group to focus solely on its core business: real estate.